Privacy, Serenity, Beauty 

We say "cue the birds and butterflies" when we turn into the driveway. It's that kind of place. As you move from the crunchy gravel of Pono Road to the concrete driveway, the world changes. The serenity of the garden wraps around you. The driveway turns and reveals Ponohouse sprawling on top of a tropical gulch. Quiet. Imposing. And yet deeply, purposefully, organically connected to the lush landscape.

Step through the gate to the courtyard and the first thing you see is not the orchid-covered statue in the lilypond. It's the deep blue of the ocean shimmering through the house. With the glass walls pushed back the ocean defines the courtyard. The deep blue pulls you forward through the massive Ohia post portals that frame every entrance.
Ponohouse is a dream of a beautiful, serene, and very private tropical lifestyle. Its perch above a deep gulch offers a 180-degree view of the ocean. Beyond the edge of the gulch a verdant mango forest rolls to an unspoiled bay punctuated with a rocky island. Ponohouse takes advantage of it's setting to meld inside and outside living. Each bedroom has a covered lanai. While country tax documents list the living space as 3328 square feet, The roof covers nearly 6000 square feet (5,937). There are no hallways, no wasted interior space. Each bedroom/bath is a separate structure, reached by covered walkways or covered bridge across the lap pool. The caretaker cottage has a separate driveway and parking.
The home gathers cooling tradewinds while the mature gardens and trees calm its force. Ponohouse was designed, located and built for passive cooling, there's no need for air conditioning. Evenings are cool, the days are moderately warm. Rain falls mostly at night, watering the edible gardens and freshening the air.

Why Live On The North Shore?

Locals know a preference for South or West Maui over the North Shore is a newcomer's mistake. A great experience in the managed environment of hotels on the south and west side doesn't translate to comfortable living. Sports-minded property buyers already prefer the North shore, but buyers seeking tropical comfort, serenity and privacy should look North as well. Both the South and West side are hotter and drier,  subject to blowing dust and pollen from agriculture in central Maui. Homes in the West and South are generally closed up and air conditioned for comfort. But even closed up, there's little prospect for privacy. Too many people and too much access. At Ponohouse here's no troupe of tourists on the beach, gawking in your view windows, no kayaks paddling by shooting pictures. An outdoor shower after a swim in the lap pool is an everyday pleasure at Ponohouse.
The privacy and serenity of Ponohouse are a perfect antidote for the stress of modern business. Here the noisy neighbor is the whale slapping its tail in Uaoa cove. Lie awake and listen to their whistling breath. And then fall back to sleep. Better than counting sheep.

Room To Grow

Hawaii has a special permit process for "ohana" (family) additions which enable an additional structure on a site. The substantial acreage that is pert of Ponohouse offers numerous options for such a structure. We have not taken advantage of this, which leaves the option open for future owners.
Ponohouse is represented by Rhonda Smith-Sanchez of Coldwell-Banker Global Luxury 808.205.2175



Ponohouse was designed from from first principles to be an energy efficient home. The sweeping roof and extensive overhangs provide shade from the mid-day sun, and the thick ceramic blue tile roof efficiently sheds heat and insulates the rooms under it.


A large photovoltaic system supplies the bulk of the power. The system is grid connected and uses Enphase micro-inverters for optimum efficiency.The Ponohouse PV system was purchased outright, there is no lease or other constraint. The hot water is solar heated with a large collector system hidden over the garage.


The swimming pool is solar heated, and the pump is an efficient variable speed system. It's a salt water pool with a catalytic chlorinator


The extensive gardens are both beautiful, and largely edible! The mature gardens generally require no watering. An irrigation system is installed, but other than annual testing has not been used for the last six years.


Edibles include coconuts, bananas, starfruit, Hawaiian peppers, Cara Cara orange, grapefruit, lime, Meyer lemon, kaffir lime, avocado, kumquat, allspice, medicinal and culinary herbs, and more. Everything grows here at an insane rate. Gardening consists mostly of thinning and reducing. Our citrus trees bear fruit several times per year. There's always fruit to pick.

Energy Efficiency

With no heating or air conditioning system required, it's relatively easy to be energy efficient. Most of the lights at Ponohouse are LED. The largest load is our electric vehicle, the perfect car for Maui. The garage includes a high-power Siemens EV charging station. While the cost of energy might seem a trivial expense for a person contemplating a multi-million dollar property, it's still deeply satisfying to pay utility and water bills of less than a hundred bucks while people with similar sized homes on the South and West side are paying more than a thousand per month.


The large Ponohouse gardens take a fraction of the irrigation that even sparse ornamental plantings require on the south side. Mature plantings, permaculture practices plus evening rains make all the difference.

location, location....

What constitutes a perfect location? The west side and south sides are where most visitors go--the hotels are there. But it's crowded, busy, and on Maui there are no private beaches, so that means people walking by your windows at any time. Beachfront also means wind and salt spray creating an overwhelming maintenance headache. Ponohouse is on the inside curve of a deep gulch, with an uninterrupted panoramic view of Uaoa Bay. Ideally situated for a spectacular 180 degree ocean view, without exposure to salt spray. The tradewinds are buffered by the mango forests and our mature gardens and mock orange hedges. The perfection of the Ponohouse location is probably impossible to reproduce today. There are other high-end homes built on the horns of the gulch, but the slightly closer view comes at the cost of unbuffered tradewinds which blow almost every day, often reaching 25+ mph. At Ponohouse those same tradewinds cool the house and ruffle the palm trees. 60 PONO RD-114

60 PONO RD-114

Home As Art

It's surprising to find how perceptive people are when they first visit Ponohouse. They say "it's like a piece of art". That's because it is. Ponohouse was conceived by dutch artist Ari Vandershoot. She commissioned a fine local architect to transform her concepts to workable, functional design, but Ponohouse was first and foremost an art project. Not only was the house built as art, it was built for art. The bedroom across the bridge was originally a studio (with a bathroom and sink, which made it easy to repurpose as a bedroom). Which explains the heavy wiring and 240 volt outlets outside the room, intended to plug in an electric kiln. The high roof-peak windows provide beautiful light, and the wall of windows facing the ocean offers inspiration. It's one of the best views at Ponohouse. The garage also has heavy duty wiring and 240 volt outlets to support welding or a kiln in the workspace. Of course anyone who wants a studio as part of their home will have any easy time converting back. Our conversion was just adding finer finishes and moving in furniture. 60 Pono Rd-42

The Studio, Now used as a third bedroom60 Pono Rd-46

All we added was the tile floor and furniture60 Pono Rd-45

It makes for a beautiful bedroom with bath, and can easily convert to a studio again. 


Our realtor for Ponohouse is: Rhonda Smith-Sanchez Coldwell Banker Inteernational Luxury, Maui, Hawaii Cell: (808) 205-2175 Email: If you have questions, please fill out the form below. It will be emailed to us and we will answer as soon as possible.